A sister project of IN POWER called RAISELIFE published its newsletter with some interesting information! RAISELIFE is about raising the lifetime of functional materials for concentrated solar power technology.

In order to optimize the materials for molten salt plants and to establish the criteria for their selection, a precise knowledge of the corrosion rate and the failure mechanism of the employed alloys or coated steels at high temperature is necessary. In this third edition of the RAISELIFE newsletter we would like to introduce the work being doing in RAISELIFE to tackle this challenge, within the Special Topic “Corrosion resistant high-temperature metals and coatings for molten salts”. In addition, we share specific news from our consortium members:

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RAISELIFE addresses the challenges of materials for CSP technology focusing on the 2020 targets stated in the Materials Roadmap (SEC(2011)1609). The overall aim of the the RAISELIFE project is to decrease CAPEX (capital expenditure) and OPEX (operational expenditure) of components to reduce the cost of renewable electricity from CSP by understanding and improving the in-service durability of functional coatings and materials all equally relevant for successful operation of concentrated solar power (CSP) plans on one hand, and by minimizing the O&M cost on the other hand.

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