IN POWER project develops highly efficient concentrated solar power architectures. This consists in developing and integrating new innovative material solutions into concentrated solar technology to increase the efficiency while simultaneously decreasing the energy production cost.


The project guarantees up to three-time increase in thermal capacity respect to standard thermal storage materials (TES), depending on Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF), also leading to the reduction of thermal storage system size.

Thank to these new components, this promising technology is expected to decrease the land use by four-time while having the identical low associated environmental impact.

IN POWER will validate these novel functional materials and new manufacturing processes will guarantee decrease in Levelised Cost of Electricity below 0.10 €/KWh beyond 2020 by validating these technologies in Lineal Fresnel Collector and Parabolic through Collector pilot plants under 2100-2700 kWh/(m2a).

IN POWER mirrors will be free of glass and develop different geometries. Among this, the high reflective mirrors have self-healing and anti-soiling coatings that reduce O&M issues due to its high robustness and reduction in dust deposition. Thanks to improved Thermal Storage Materials (TSM) depending on the Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF), IN POWER is expected to decrease the size of the thermal storage systems and the used land while having the identical low associated environmental impact.