IK4 TEKNIKER, a partner of IN-POWER, is giving two speeches about the project in the United States this week. Javier Barriga, represeting IK4 TEKNIKER, will be presenting the project.

The first speech takes place today in the Materials Research Society Spring Meeting & Exhibit 2019, in Phoenix (Arizona). The title of the speech is “Spectrally Selective Coatings for Thermosolar Power Plants Working at High Temperatures”. The second one will be in TechCon 2019, in Long Beach (California), the 29th April. Its title is “Selective Coatings for Thermosolar Power Plants: From Lab Developments to Industrial Production”. This region is well known for its enormous CSP plants, such as the Solar Energy Generating Systems in California and the Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project in Nevada.

Both presentations expose the results of the work carried out by TEKNIKER in the development of selective coatings.

This is a great opportunity for IN-POWER!

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