The In-Power’s Newsletter is already done! The current situation of the different work packages are explained, as well as the future lines the researchers will take. Explore the situation of this project in the next paragraphs!

WP2: Selection of reference materials & LCOE model 

This WP finished in April 2017. It defined the baseline Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants in order to evaluate the performance and the associated Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE) due to the innovative materials and components developed into IN-POWER. Reference materials and components were presented in order to make comparison with future IN-POWER results.

WP3: Multicoated polymeric mirror and mirror structure

 Many tasks have been finalized in this WP, such as the 3D design of mirrors, the manufacturing of pre-test mirror battery, the reflectivity test, the optimization and manufacturing of reflective coating with the definition of the PVD layers combination for pre-test and the application of the buffer layer. In addition, pre-tests were conducted as well as the development and scale up of the antisoiling coating.

Moreover, there are still activities in progress such as the manufacturing of final mirrors, the analysis of pre-tests mirrors and the selection of the best version. Moreover, durability test are being conducted as well as the manufacturing of injected polymeric substrate. Another task is to optimize and manufacture protective coatings and characterize optically mirrors.

WP4: High absorber coatings in non vacuum receivers and its structure

The activities in progress in this WP are the development of a new robust coating for non-vacuum tube receivers and the thermal and structural design of non-vacuum multi-tube receivers. Moreover, the development of a new high absorber coating for vacuum tube receivers has been started.

WP5: Thermal Storage material for high temperature storage systems

In this WP, researchers finished the selection and the optimization of TES materials with high-level screening. The development of other new TES materials continues.

In addition, the PCM TES materials are being tested to make a selection of the best ones and later on to optimize them. A benchmarking of several solutions will be made later on during the project.

Other actions in progress are the modeling of thermocline TES system for high temperature storage, such as the Modelling of the MOSE storage tank and Fertiberia ES and TSS salts, the bibliographic study on thermocline storage models and the models validation.

WP6: High solar energy efficient solar field design with new materials

In this WP, the selection of optimized materials for the light mirror structure has been finalized.  The modeling of LFC solar field structure & CAPEX estimation for the light mirror support structure is in progress, and the 3D design of the new solar collector is in development too.

WP7: Testing & validation

This WP just started in June 2018. It will test optimized mirrors in simulated and real environment and report about the performance of new mirrors under real conditions

WP8: Standardization DFMA, Environmental, & LCOE: assessment & estimation 

This WP has different activities in progress: the environmental assessment of new IN-POWER materials and components and the environmental assessment of the reference materials, requesting and collecting inventory data of all these materials, the standardization assessment of new materials and components and the development of CAPEX and OPEX parametric estimation models. Results obtained from the environmental assessment of new IN-POWER materials and components will be used as a decision making tool, looking for high performance materials and components but environmentally friendly. Furthermore, these results will be compared with the environmental assessment results of reference materials in order to reaffirm environmental benefits of IN-POWER project.



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