During the month of October, new vacuum tube receivers were installed in two demonstration facilities of the IN POWER project for testing and validation. These 4 meters long tubes are equipped with a new absorber coating made by Tekniker’s Unit for Physics of Surfaces and Materials. The first demonstration plant is the Linear Fresnel Collector (LFC) located in Sevilla within the facilities of Magtel whereas the second plant is a molten salt parabolic trough collector (PTC) located in Rome (Italy) within the facilities of CR ENEA Casaccia.

These absorber coatings will be tested in vacuum conditions for high temperature (500-600ºC) operation regime at ENEA facilities and medium temperature regime at Magtel facilities.

In addition, the LFC plant in Sevilla, that was especially built for the project, was equipped a few weeks before with the new scaled-up IN POWER polymeric mirrors produced by WP3 partners, NEMATIA, GEOCAD, KOLZER, and VOTTELER. This makes the Magtel plant a high-tech laboratory on concentrated solar power!

Installation of high absorber coated tubes at LFC loop in Magtel facilities
Installation of high absorber coated tubes at PTC in ENEA facilities
Installation of INPOWER polymeric mirrors at LFC loop in Magtel
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