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IN POWER is one of various Horizon 2020 projects focusing on concentrated solar power. Below a list of projects with which it is collaborating or aims to work with in the future to share results and maximise impact.

This project focuses on raising the lifetime of five key functional materials for concentrated solar power (CSP) technologies : 1) protective and anti-soiling coatings for primary reflectors, 2) very high-reflective surfaces for heliostats, 3) high-temperature secondary reflectors, 4) receiver coatings, 5) corrosion resistant high-temperature metals and coatings for molten salts.

This project introduces a set of innovative materials to boost the performance of atmospheric air-based concentrated solar power (CSP) systems to make them commercially viable. In particular, tower systems are appealing for the great environmental compatibility and offer tremendous potential for efficient (electrical and thermal) power generation.

This project aims to design, manufacture and validate an innovative CSP concept with low implementation costs at the highest plant efficiencies which will reduce the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE). It aims to exceed the goal of the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan – European Commission of producing CSP electricity at a cost below 0.10 €/kWh.

This project improves the reliability and performance of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants through the development and integration of a new technology based on the use of high temperature (800°C) particles as heat transfer fluid and storage medium. To achieve this objective, the project will demonstrate the technology in a relevant environment (TRL5) and at a significant size (4 MWth). The complete system will be tested at “Thémis” experimental solar tower facility (France).

This project aims to develop advanced cooling and mirror cleaning technologies as well as integrated water management plans to reduce cooling system water consumption by up to 95% relative to wet only cooling systems and mirror cleaning water consumption by up to 25%, while maintaining overall cycle efficiency.

This project aims to increase plant efficiencies and reduce levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) by developing all relevant components that allow implementing an innovative plant configuration. This plant configuration is based on a multi-tower decoupled advanced solar combined cycle (DSCC) approach.

This project develops a solution that allows a significant increase in predictability through targeted weather forecasting and the development of new commercial weather services by European companies and institutions. It aims at demonstrating and introducing into the market key enabling technologies to improve predictability and flexibility of a CSP plant with molten salt energy storage.

This project develops a solution that allows a significant increase in predictability through targeted weather forecasting and the development of new commercial weather services by European companies and institutions.aims to develop a revolutionary innovation in water management of Concentrating Solar Power plants, a more flexible integrated solution comprising different innovative technologies and optimized strategies for the cooling of the power-block and the cleaning of the solar field optical surface


INSHIP aims at the definition of a ECRIA engaging major European research institutes with recognized activities on Solar Heat for Industrial Processes (SHIP), into an integrated structure that could successfully achieve the coordination objectives of: more effective and intense cooperation between EU research institutions; alignment of different SHIP related national research and funding programs, avoiding overlaps and duplications and identifying gaps; acceleration of knowledge transfer to the European industry, to be the reference organization to promote and coordinate the international cooperation in SHIP research from and to Europe, while developing coordinated R&D TRLs 2-5 activities with the ambition of progressing SHIP beyond the state-of-the-art.


The project proposal addresses the specific challenge towards high efficiency solar energy harvesting by advance materials solutions and architectures that are in line with those specified in SET-plan. Its main objective is to develop advance materials solutions based on innovative storage media and concepts for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) up to validation in field of their performance by real time monitoring. This will be supported by an innovative thermal energy storage design based on the combination of new functional and advanced materials, like heat thermal fluid, sensible and latent energy storage media and insulating materials, into two innovative plant architectures: single tank thermocline storage and concrete type module.